When you are first sorting through all the engagement rings for sale it doesn’t occur to you and may never occur to you that really the ring is a symbol of the change that is about to happen in your life. It is a binding of one person to another, that their lives shall be ever intertwined and that there is nothing that shall be able to sunder that connection. Even in the case of divorce this still holds true, you will forever have something with that person that you didn’t have with anyone else, you might think that this would apply to friendships and other relations and in a way it does but the marriage ceremony is the declaration of making your existence and your partner’s one existence. Go to the website Buy Ruby Rings for you to see a diffrent kind of style for a bond ring.

Some individuals think that it is not going to make much difference that they have been together long enough that being married is going to be no different than them living together but this just isn’t true. It fills some deep need to be connected, to have some official recognition that you belong with and to someone else. That they are obligated to look after you and that they have willingly chosen to do this and are overjoyed to share this with the world.

It is a legal ceremony now and you need all the proper documentation to proceed, in America you need blood tests to go ahead, but at one time it was full of symbolism and the handing over of one person to another and the responsibilities that go with that, it was so that the community you lived in were aware that this person was tied to that person and there was no confusion as to who’s mate was whose.

The step to marry is taken too lightly, there are too many out clauses now and no one is willing to the hard yards that marriage sometimes entails, there will be years and years where the person next to you will annoy the crap out of you and you would do anything to get rid of them and then you will love them again, hopefully they will feel the same things about you at the same time. Would be awful if you were out of sync and hated and loved at different times.
An engagement ring is merely the promise of the times to come, of the promise that you will marry and blend your lives, the promise that no matter what you will shelter each other and abide by each other. The wedding is merely the culmination of all those unspoken promises and the ceremony is just a legal representation of all that you feel for each other or should feel for each other if you are entering a marriage based on love and respect, not to mention friendship, love cannot flourish if you don’t at least like the person you are with. A very helpful site if you are looking for a diffrent kind of engagement rings and customized ones as well.