Sun Protection Spray Tanning With The Help Of Spray Tanning Supplies


In the present era, spray tan is considered as one of the most effective and popular methods of protecting our skin from the harmful rays of sun or ultra-violet rays. It serves as the fantastic alternative option of home tanning procedure and also provides a glowing and a realistic tan look. Nowadays, you can easily avail spray tanning supplies in the cosmetic stores of your locality. But it is still better to opt for the online cosmetic store which provides you more flexible options of selection. You also need to consider many vital things for getting more improved tanning results on your skin with the help of spray tan. This is quite a time consuming process and you must select properly those parts of your body which you are actually intending to provide tan look. Before the application of the tan color, you need to shave, shower and clean your body for removing excess oils, dead skins or dirt.

After that you need to apply your water based skin cream for moisturizing your skin and keep for at least 1 hour before staring of the procedure. You should not use any oily moisturizer otherwise that oil will not allow penetrating the tanning inside your skin properly. You can get all the beauty supplies for this tanning procedure from the online websites of cosmetics. You can use either hand gloves or moisturizers at the time of applying the tanning solution in order to protect your hands from getting orange. You need to read the instructions provided on the bottle body thoroughly and must shake the bottle before application. The tanning solution must be sprayed at least from 15 inches distance for safety application. You must start applying the tanning solution from your lower leg but do not ever apply the solution on your knee. Here it is discount hair products online, to know more, please  visit this  website.

After the completion of lower leg application you must slowly move upwards towards the upper leg in a circulatory spraying motion by means of an air nozzle based spray.  You must always focus on only those body parts which are mostly exposed to the sun directly. Then you are going to continue the same procedure over your hands including your knuckles and fingers. After this, you can slowly apply the tanning solution in the similar manner on your shoulders, stomach and back. If you are not being able to reach your back then you can definitely take the help of any of your friends or relatives for conducting the same.

Always apply light layers of tanning solution to those areas which are not that very exposed to the sun like portion below chin area, back of ears and others. You should never apply this solution to your armpit or genital areas. After the completion of the entire procedure, you must wait for at least 10 minutes before you pull on your dresses. You must not taker shower after 4 to 5 hours of the application process of tanning solution otherwise the solution will not properly settle down in your skin. Nowadays, you can also avail many fashionable hair products online for coloring your hair in order to make a perfect match with your tanned skin.